One Month. Unplugged.

One Month. Unplugged.

Photo from Pixabay

When I set off for Australia towards the end of last month, I planned to blog during my trip as I knew there was going to be a lot that I would be inspired to write about.

Well, I got that last part right, but the best-laid plans…

The first two weeks of the trip were work-related, and boy did I work!

It’s a huge privilege to be invited to attend Dimensional’s Global Conference. They always also organise a study tour beforehand, allowing delegates to spend quality time with planning firms in the host country, and the takeaways from these visits, not to mention the general discussions between members of the study tour are invaluable.

Then our GAIA conference started immediately after the DFA conference ended.

Many of the attendees to both events had invested a not inconsiderable amount of money, and a huge amount of time to attend the events, so there is a tendency to cram in as much as possible. This means the days start early and end late (ok, the consumption of wine and maybe staying up a wee bit too late each night doing so was self-inflicted ). There was barely enough time to deal with any urgent work emails, shower and change each afternoon before the evening events began.

Finding the time to write was simply impossible, but on reflection, I think that was a good thing. I have pages and pages of notes I made over the two weeks and to be honest, I need time to let everything I learned to filter through and get my thoughts in order before I can start writing about the experience. So, that will come over the next few weeks.

The second half of the trip was a holiday, and it was a huge relief to get off the hamster wheel! Eddie and I headed off to Hamilton Island, for some R&R, followed by a stopover for a few days in Hong Kong on our way home.

Seriously, when you have a view like this, why would you want to be spending time on Twitter or LinkedIn?


So, I ended up deciding to take a complete break from social media, enjoy the sunshine and recharge the batteries.

Now I’m back my head is nearly exploding with stuff I want to get written down.  I’ve got a busy few weeks ahead.