People like us

People like us

“All the people like us are We, and everyone else is They.”

Rudyard Kipling

A number of our clients recently took part in Dimensional Fund Advisors Global Investor Survey.

One of the questions in the survey read: ‘From the following, choose the attribute you consider most important in your adviser relationship.’  The options were:

  • Adviser age
  • Team size
  • Range of services
  • Fees & expenses
  • Experience with clients like me
  • Investment returns
  • Client service experience

The survey results were as follows:














(Source: Dimensional Fund Advisors’ Global Investor Survey, Table: Bloomsbury Wealth)

Interesting isn’t it, that for our clients the second most important attribute in their relationship with us is that we deal with people like them? 

Yet it’s not so surprising really.  When you are choosing a financial planner with whom to build a long-term relationship, you’d surely want to know that they have experience in dealing with the kinds of issues you are facing.

The survey response begs the question, does the fact that the second most important attribute was that we deal with people like them mean that – by virtue of the fact that it was so important to so many of them – we actually do deal with people like them?

Well, as it happens, yes we do.  We don’t work exclusively with people from a specific niche industry or occupation but we definitely work with people of a certain mindset, and background, who face similar issues in life.  In fact, our clients have so much in common that we’ve been able to distil their characteristics into a single document explaining with whom we work best.  Why not take a look?


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