The best of what we read, watched and listened to this week

The best of what we read, watched and listened to this week

Image by Magnascan from Pixabay 

The Financial Bodyguard is back and will continue to be the main blog for Bloomsbury Wealth.  Over the coming weeks, we will be posting blogs and our The Weekend Starts Here links.  We hope these will continue from where Carolyn left off and be interesting for all our subscribers.  Thank you for your patience…

The Weekend Starts Here…

With small energy suppliers failing every week in the face of rising wholesale gas prices, having miscalculated which way they would move, what actually happens to us as customers if our supplier fails?  [5 min read]

If you find that dieting is a frustrating business (as many people must do, given the huge industry that it has spawned), here is some research that shows that simply exercising is actually a more effective way to improve your health.  It’s just not as lucrative for business to advocate (unless you’re a gym selling monthly memberships to people who never show up, of course)…  [3 min read]

Many businesses and employees have discovered in the last 18 months that it is possible to be productive while not actually in the office and now even new employees will be able to request flexible working.  Still, that doesn’t guarantee that it will be granted.  [4 min read]

If flexible working isn’t feasible, how about a four-day week?  As well as improving employee wellbeing, it can lead to improved productivity as they spend a greater proportion of the four days actually working.  [7 min read]

Personally, I wouldn’t know one end of a football from the other but I’d actually heard of Jimmy Greaves, who died this week.  As well as being a pundit, he played a bit.  He even appeared on Spitting Image, which was a sure sign of having made it.  [4 min read]

Another loss, on the same day as Greavesie, was actor John Challis, he of the famed Boycie laugh.  Intriguingly, the man was a legend in Serbia where, just like Derek Trotter, apparently everyone dreams of being a millionaire this time next year.  He’s now going to have a street named after him, which is presumably the Serbian equivalent of a latex puppet likeness.   [2 min read]

We hope you have a good weekend.

Charles and Rob