The Budget Newsletter - March 2023

The Budget Newsletter - March 2023

It may not have seemed like it, but the Budget on 15 March was the first in almost seventeen months.  The last formal Budget was on 27 October 2021, three Prime Ministers and four Chancellors ago.  In 2022 there were plenty of statements from the various Chancellors, but none was given the imprimatur of Budget, even though the media branded several as ‘mini-Budgets’.

In this Newsletter we look at the impact of both the changes announced in the Budget and those revealed last November on various groups of taxpayers.  The categorisation is inevitably rather arbitrary, so it pays to read all sections.  Similarly, several of the tax planning points – such as those listed below in our 12 Quick Tax Tips – are universal.

If you need further information on how you will be affected personally, please contact us.

You can download and read the full Budget Newsletter here.