The Office is Closed – 17/02/2017

The Office is Closed – 17/02/2017

Snippets that have caught my eye this week from around the web….

Here in the UK, consumers take for granted that high levels of regulation of financial advisers exist, and it has been the legal duty of advisers to put their clients’ interests first for some years now, i.e. we must act as a ‘fiduciary’. Over in the US no such regulation exists, and whilst efforts are being made to start along that same path, there’s an awful lot of resistance. [3 minute read]

Thanks to Charles for alerting me to this next one. Hans Rosling the global health expert and statistician died last week.  He is most well-known for a famous TED talk which presented data about the ‘developing world’ in a unique way.    [20 minute video]

In a similar vein, if we formed our view of the world simply from reading the media we’d think we were going to hell in a handcart, but as Melinda Gates points out in this interview, we are making progress. [15 minute read]

How a baseball player taught Warren Buffet to make good decisions. [4 minute read]

Many people leave bequests to their alma mater in their wills. But, will that bequest always be spent as you would have wished?  Quite a sad story, I thought. Maybe it would be best to leave specific requests in your will. [5 minute read]

And finally, in a week when you were hopefully showered with love tokens from your other half, an alternative view of Valentine’s Day [1 minute read].

Whatever you are up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.


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