The office is closed 28.04.2017

The office is closed 28.04.2017

If, like me, you love lists, then you’ll enjoy this one.  An article about why we like lists – in list form, obviously [3 min read]

You know the active management industry is well and truly on the back foot when they start peddling nonsense like this. [2 min read]

Putting time in perspective.  Fascinating – Cleopatra lived closer to today than to the building of the pyramids (warning: some language) [5 min read]

The difference between a prediction and a probability – and why it’s important [2 min read]

I have long believed that – whilst important – money is not an employee’s main motivator.  This article puts some science behind that thought [3 min read]

In search of the perfect portfolio – interview with Eugene Fama [37 minute video]

And finally.  The workings of the procrastinator’s brain.  You’re welcome.  [5 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.

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