The Weekend Starts Here.....

The Weekend Starts Here.....

Image by Spiritze from Pixabay

“When something is ‘free’ the incentives for both the consumer and provider change dramatically, often in ways that are invisibly worse for consumers.”  Low cost is better than free [4 min read]

With age, so the adage goes, comes wisdom.  But does this mean we become better investors as we age?  Hmm, it’s not all good news I’m afraid [4 min read]

Sperm whales have the largest brains on the planet.  A new research study reveals how their actions during the great whale hunts of the 19th century inform their behaviour towards 21st century threats from humans. [3 min read]

“…to live a happy, well-balanced, and rich life, an equal measure of focus should be directed toward spending.  What looks best on a balance sheet doesn’t always translate to long-term value.”  Sell Your Hot Dogs at a Loss [3 min read]

One day we’ll be able to get back there in person.  For now, we can enjoy the fact that last week the Louvre announced it had put its entire collection online (and if you do go down this rabbit hole don’t make the rookie error I did and search for ‘Mona Lisa’. You’ll need to do better than that 😉)

Some misconceptions about bull markets [3 min read]

“When new clients come to us for advice, they often believe their biggest challenge is whether or not they will achieve investment returns that will both preserve and grow their wealth.  But, if they have children, it’s likely their biggest problem lies elsewhere – and that it is, in many ways, more intractable: It is whether their wealth will interfere with their children’s ability to launch successful and independent lives.” Striking that delicate balance between a hand up and a handout [5 min read]

And finally.  Next time you think you’ve got a really busy day coming up, spare a thought for this little fella [3:18 video]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.