The weekend starts here....

The weekend starts here....

Photo by Jake Ingle on Unsplash 

“Everyone giving investing advice – or even just sharing investing opinions – should keep top of mind how emotional money is and how different people are.” This post, from the brilliant Morgan Housel, sums up one of our main tenets [4 min read]

Can money buy you happiness? Yes, but only up to a certain point.  [Infographic]

The turn of the year has brought with it much higher stockmarket volatility than we saw in 2017, which will go down in history as a year with one of the lowest levels of volatility ever.  Volatile markets bring with them the worst of the soothsayers and snake oil salesmen.  “If there were a shortcut or a cheat code, every little boy and girl would have grown up knowing it.”  [4 min read – with an embedded video that runs about 90 seconds, and is fascinating to watch]

Central to the financial plans we build for our clients, is the goal of achieving financial independence – that point at which paid work becomes optional rather than compulsory.  Reaching that point doesn’t mean every client will pack up work and spend the rest of their time on the golf course, in fact the majority choose to continue working.  As this next post explains “Nobody wants to be trapped in the rat race.  But the key word is trapped.”  [4 min read]

“You don’t rebalance to beat the market.  You rebalance to ensure you don’t get scared out of the market.”  [4 min read]

Some very sensible suggestions for the fund management industry from Robin Powell [3 min read]

Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama is sticking to his guns [2 min read]

We’re all selling something.  But as Michael Batnick explains “I’m not looking to proselytize or convince anybody that our way is the only way to invest. I put out my beliefs every day and trust that it finds the right audience.” Me too  [4 min read]

And finally.  I love rhubarb, particularly those pale pink stems of forced rhubarb.  But did you know that forced rhubarb grows so fast (up to an inch a day) that you can actually hear it growing [35 second video]. You’re welcome 😊.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.