The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

My book review for June  [4 min read]

A letter to a stranger who reached out for help.   Humbling and very touching piece from Prof Galloway (warning – some language) [4 min read]

This ties in neatly with one of the books covered in my book review.  Three statistics that will help you understand the world.  [2.26 video]

“…from a neurocognitive point of view, our feelings of certainty about things we’re right about is largely indistinguishable from our feelings of certainty about things we’re wrong about.”  One of my favourite bloggers, Bob Seawright, has finally written a new piece – always thought provoking.  [6 min read]

“Every successful investment is some combination of change that drives competition and things staying the same that drives compounding.” Another great piece from Morgan Housel:  Betting on things that never change  [4 min read]

I was in California last week attending the EBI West conference. It was an interesting trip.  My main takeaways are here  [4 min read]

Justin Castelli took the opportunity at EBI West to ask a host of the great and the good from the Fin Twit community (and me ) to answer a simple question “What’s the one thing about money you wish someone told you when you were younger?”.  He put everyone’s answers into an edition of his podcast [26 min podcast]

When it comes to investing, as Tom Mullooly rightly says, Boring is Good  [2 min read]

What’s the number 1 rule in investing?  I’m with Charlie Bilello (rather than Warren Buffett) on this one: knowing what you own and why you own it     [4 min read]

I was fortunate to get the chance to chat with Tony Isola at EBI West. The man’s passion about his work hits you like a wrecking ball.  We abolished commissions in the UK some years ago, but Tony experiences every day the results of that compensation method on the clients he meets with. He’s fighting the good fight. The US needs more Tonys 

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.  I’m hoping the game on Saturday afternoon will be less nerve-racking than Tuesday night’s!