The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

Is there a point at which your portfolio becomes too big to be simple?  Is there a point at which you need more moving parts and complexity?  No  [3 min read]  [Ben Carlson]

This is an interesting look at the asset allocation breakdown of wealthy investors in the US – the amount allocated to equities by those over age 73 would seem to bear out the ‘staying the course’ hypothesis.  [4 min read]  [Financial Samurai]

“You become a public figure the instant that someone else decides you are worthy of interest, even if you are minding your damn business.”   The ugly side of social media [5 min read – warning, some language]  [Ella Dawson, with H/T to Nick Maggiulli]

“Some things are immeasurably important.  They’re either impossible, or elusive, to quantify.  But they can make all the difference in the world, often because their lack of quantification causes people to discount their relevance, or even deny their existence.”  You can’t measure what’s going on in people’s heads  [4 min read]  [Morgan Housel]

“…despite our privilege of knowledge, investors tend to collectively “forget” market history and succumb to the same forces of fear and greed again and again.”  [3 min read]  [Nick Maggiulli]

No sober person thinks getting home safely after driving drunk reflects a good decision or good driving ability.”  Avoiding hindsight bias and ‘resulting’.   [4 min read]  [Larry Swedroe]

Things to remember when selecting an active fund manager.  [4 min read]  [Joe Wiggins]

As someone who can’t imagine ever not having a book on the go, it’s good to hear that reading is good for your brain  [6 min read]

“When it comes down to it, we manage PEOPLE more than we manage MONEY.”  The Financial Therapist  [3 min read]  [Tim Mullooly]

And finally.  Once upon a time, marathon runners were fuelled by alcohol  [3 min read] [Atlas Obscura]

What ever you’re up to this weekend I hope it’s a good one.  Now that England has exited the World Cup (with their heads held high), I can enjoy cheering on my adopted country on Sunday 😊