The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

Diversification means always having to say you’re sorry – but staying diversified is crucial.  I thought this post explained why pretty well.  [3 min read] [Joe Wiggins]

“Our mind is an instrument for making sense of the world.  We make sense of the world by telling causal stories — and causal stories are always going to have heroes in them.  The things that could have happened and would have changed events do not come to mind.” An interesting interview with Nobel prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman [5 min read]

“Investing and gardening are similar.  Pick a style and stick with it.” – Great advice and a beautiful garden [3 min read]  [Tony Isola]

Marketing people know us better than we know ourselves.   [4 min read]  [Ben Carlson]

“Pride blinds the eye to the truth and can poison future success.”  The importance of staying humble.  [3 min read]  [Dina Grasso Isola]

What makes a great investor?  [5 min read]  [Andrew Thrasher]

Gold or Stocks?  [4 min read]  [Charlie Bilello]

Great advice in this post.  If you own an investment portfolio, you need an investment policy statement (and probably a financial planner to hold you to it when push comes to shove ).   [3 min read]  [Brendan Mullooly]

And finally.  Camera-wielding pigeons.  You’re welcome  [4 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend I hope it’s a good one.  We’re planning a quiet one after last week’s excitement 😊