The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

Kicking off this week with a great piece written in the 1990s but as relevant now as it was then. The First Totally Honest Stock Market Story  [3 min read]  [Jason Zweig]

“…generalization is a widespread human bias, which means a lot of our understanding of the world actually is based on extrapolations made from relatively small sample sizes. Consequently, our individual behaviour is shaped by potentially incomplete or inadequate facts that we use to make the decisions that are meant to lead us to success.”  The Disproportional Power of Anecdotes  [5 min read]  [Shane Parish]

“…once you know the Magician’s trick, once you see his true face, his spell is broken. For a moment, anyway. For some.”  The Next Slide  [2 min read]  [Ben Hunt]

The Man Who Owns the Moon  (file under ‘Why I love the internet’ ) [6:26 video]

“Imagine the decision-making committee that spent an afternoon coming up with a way to chip off more of the pie for the firm rather than focusing on how to grow the pie and please more customers.”  Sometimes  [3 min read]  [Josh Brown]

How to Become a Better Reader.  [5 min read]

It’s weird isn’t it, that an evidence based investor can make a more cogent and balanced argument for the future of active management than those referenced in this post both with their feet firmly planted in the active management camp?  [Barry Ritholtz  / Robin Powell]

And finally. What is a trillion dollars?  [Infographic]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.