The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

You shouldn’t just follow the crowd if their choices aren’t compatible with who you are.  [4 min read]  [Nick Maggiulli]

This next piece sums up why we help our clients plan for financial independence rather than retirement [4 min read]

Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) tweeted a while back that he planned to take the company private and had ‘funding secured’, assumed to be courtesy of a Saudi sovereign wealth fund.  The truth is that Silicon Valley has become more and more reliant on Saudi funding.  Given recent events, what does the future look like for start-ups?  [4 min read]  [Ben Hunt]

This next piece is US based but I’d be willing to bet the data would be similar in the UK.  Parents spend $500B annually on their adult children vs. putting $250B toward retirement  [3 min read]

Market averages tell a story but no one’s experience in the markets is ever average in the moment.  [4 min read]  [Ben Carlson]

Quitting when you’re ahead; changing strategy when you’ve achieved success. These are hard to do, yet often necessary. The trick is knowing when you’ve reached ‘the top’.  “…if there’s any reliable way to sense when it’s approaching, it’s when your success pushes you away from doing things that had been fundamental to that success.”  Humble Exits  [4 min read]  [Morgan Housel]

How does working with a financial planner add value?  [11;53 video]  [Justin Castelli]

This is a great reality check on why investing is hard [8:16 video]  [Michael Batnick & Josh Brown]

And finally.  We all suffer from the email overload version of ‘cold calling’.  Should you charge people to be able to email you?  [4 min read]  [Dan Egan]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.