The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Tim Harford, The Undercover Economist, looks at the role luck can play in a person’s career path.  [3 min read]

Thinking ahead, there are a few gems in this list which you could wow your families with round the dinner table this Christmas (for example, “Almost 20 years ago, Japanese railway stations started installing blue LED panels on platforms as a suicide prevention measure, believing that blue light improves mood. A ten-year study found an 84% decline in suicide attempts at stations where lights were installed, with no decline at stations without lights.”)  [4 min read]

Short, sweet and thought provoking. Money is a story.  [1 min read]

The role of Household CFO is to ensure his/her household is building wealth in order to ultimately achieve financial independence.”  How to make a start  [4 min read]  [Ben Carlson]

Not everybody needs a financial planner, but everybody needs a plan. Here’s another great ‘How to’ post.  [4 min read]  [Monevator]

“The data is clear: The more concentrated a portfolio is, the greater the risk of missing out on the market’s biggest winners and underperforming…”  [3 min read]  [Robin Powell]

As an investor, there will always be something for you to worry about. Just ignore the noise.  [3 min read]  [Blair duQuesnay]

Earlier this year, Apple was being hailed as the first trillion dollar company. But maybe it wasn’t.  [4 min read]

It’s great to see a new podcast in the Finance sector which sounds as though it will be a little bit different from many of the current offerings, not least because – let’s face it – it’s one where the presenter isn’t a white male  [4 min read]  [Dina Isola]

And finally. A succinct summation of the car crash that is Brexit. I can’t help but think that the Brits of the future are going to look back at this period of our history and wonder how on earth we managed to create such a shambles   [5 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.