The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

It’s been another rocky week in world stock markets.  Here are a few things to take your mind off all the turmoil.

Image from Pixabay

I thought this piece was an interesting look at how we become immune to things which we ought to find shocking  [4 min read]

It’s amazing to see how China has changed in just the last 40 years  [photos]

How is it that Australia has managed to avoid recession for the last 30 years?  [4 min read]

I liked this list of lessons learned about investing – my favourite: “Keeping money is harder than making money.”  [4 min read] [Morgan Housel]

“Every explanation for a market movement can seem plausible based upon somebody’s perception of it.” [3 min read] [Brendan Mullooly]

50 Reasons Why We Don’t Invest for the Long-Term [4 min read] [Joe Wiggins]

An early Christmas present – a new post from Bob. As usual, well worth your time. [8 min read] [Bob Seawright]

I loved this next piece, because in Tom’s place I would have done EXACTLY THE SAME THING. As he rightly says, “If someone wants to commit financial suicide, let them jump out of someone else’s window – not yours.” [3 min read] [Tom Mullooly]

And finally. How do you get revenge when someone steals a package left on your doorstep? This is how.  Brilliant  [09:40 video]

Well, it’s time for the blog to take a short break to enjoy the festive season. See you on the other side. 

Merry Christmas.