The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

Our natural inclination, I think, is to assume that the more information we have, the better the decisions we make will be.  However, the evidence suggests that, when it comes to investing, that’s not necessarily the case  [Joe Wiggins – 4 min read]

It feels as though, on many levels, 2018 was not a good year.  But there were some positive things which we should be celebrating  [5 min read]

One thing which definitely happened in 2018 (and which I believe is a positive trend for investors) is that index and evidence based funds were the biggest winners in terms of fund inflows.  More investors benefiting from low cost access to the world’s stockmarkets, what’s not to like?  [Barry Ritholtz – 2 min read]

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”  [Morgan Housel – 4 min read]

“There isn’t a textbook that can tell you exactly what to do in every situation.”  [Ben Carlson – 4 min read]

Think you don’t need a financial plan? I dare you to read this piece and still think you don’t [Justin Castelli – 4 min read]

Beware ‘Best Buy’ lists – they aren’t created for your benefit. [Robin Powell – 1:48 video]

And finally. The words which resonate with millionaire investors have changed over the last four years. “Many more boomers have learned to insist on fiduciaries, either from reading more on the difference or because of their own experiences.”  [Josh Brown – 3 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.