The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

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I am a VERY happy bunny.

The UK media has been dominated this week by the situation regarding ‘star’ fund manager Neil Woodford and the suspension of trading in his Equity Income fund.  I thought this piece was an excellent summation of what investors need to be reminded of [Alex Riley 4 min read]

A new study indicates that what happens to us as children can affect how we approach risk in our adult lives. This extends to fund managers. “Fund managers with childhood trauma were more averse to risk. “  [Barry Ritholtz 3 min read – I guess Woodford must have had a blissful childhood ]

Here’s a quick life hack on tackling your ‘To do’ list – Repeaters and Completers  [2 min read]

“Would you rather be the world’s greatest lover, but have everyone think you’re the world’s worst lover? Or would you rather be the world’s worst lover but have everyone think you’re the world’s greatest lover?”  On comparing yourself with others  [Shane Parrish 3 min read]

Why I do this job – an interview I did recently for ‘The Modern Adviser’.  [4 min read]

“We all must learn to work with people who see the world very differently. That wasn’t easy to do in 1959. It is no easier today.”  The clash of the two cultures and the challenge of collaboration  [Tim Harford 3 min read]

“How and when should I talk to my children about money?”  [2 min read]

Top of the list of ‘my perfect dinner party guests’ would be Leonardo da Vinci. I’m fascinated not just by how many subjects he studied and mastered, demonstrating over and over again how far ahead of his time he was, but also by his boundless curiosity. This article from National Geographic is a peek into his life’s work [via Abnormal Returns 6 min read]

“The ever-building tidal wave of unanswered questions is a gigantic financial-cliffhanger, except this one doesn’t automatically spit out resolution in 15 seconds. Left unresolved, the unclosed loop gnaws away at us and makes our brains uncomfortable.”  [Brendan Mullooly 3 min read]

“It’s not a competition of who suffers more. It’s about relating to the commonality within us all.”  I hope that everyone else reading this blog (and if you’re not, you should be) is learning as much as I am from this thoughtful, intelligent young man.  [Casey Mullooly 4 min read]

And finally.  This touching piece, and a bucketful of financial wisdom, from a dad to his new born daughter [Morgan Housel 4 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.