The weekend starts here.....

The weekend starts here.....

Why Doesn’t Stuff Make Us Happy? [3 min read]

“You’re a monkey.  It all comes down to that.  You are a slightly clever, pants-wearing primate.” [5 min read]

I loved this one.  Kelly the dolphin has trained her humans [5 min read]

A fascinating video showing how land borders have changed over the centuries.  There are some real surprises in here [3.23 video]

Why haven’t you sorted out your finances yet?  Don’t say it’s because you’re too busy.  The truth is it’s not a priority. [2 min read]

This is so simple, and yet so important.  Willingness to roll up your sleeves trumps any fancy degree you might have.  Employers want employees with the right attitude.  Skills can be taught, attitude can’t.  [2 min read].

By 2019, there will be fewer Germans under 30 years old than there are Germans that are 60+ years That’s a scary demographic.  [4 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.

Warm regards