The weekend starts here…

The weekend starts here…

…interesting snippets from around the web.

The work you do should never define who you are [3 min read]

How much does it cost to have dinner with Warren Buffet?  $2,679,001  [2 min read]

Eugene Fama discusses his new paper on the new Five Factor model [2 min read]

Knowledge alone is never enough to change our behaviour [3 min read]

Beware the bubbles (links to pdf) [20 min read]

Who will you spend your time with across your lifetime (clue, I hope you’re happy in your own company ;o) [2 min read]

And finally. I loved this blog post from someone who ceased work at age 52. The joy he is experiencing from his new-found freedom radiates from the page. If I have a goal in life, it’s that we can help all our clients feel like this. [6 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one,


Warm regards