The weekend starts here…10/08/2017

The weekend starts here…10/08/2017

My July book review is up on the blog [4 min read]

We try to look at mental models in history through the lens of people who got it right, but once in a while, it’s beneficial to examine a model through the lens of those who got it wrong. [5 min read]

Factor Picking is the New Sector Picking, and it’s still no more reliable a predictor of future performance [3 min read]

How to call a market top [2 min read]

We often hear the phrase ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.  When thinking about diversification within your portfolio, it’s worth remembering that you are an egg [4 min read]

Radio 4 recently launched their ’50 Things That Made the Modern Economy’ programme.  Index funds get a well-deserved slot [15 minute radio broadcast]

And finally.  I found this article intriguing, and it’s stuck with me since I read it.  Me and Eddie in 10 years’ time?  Maybe.  [4 min read].

Whatever you’re up to this weekend I hope it’s a good one.


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