The weekend starts here…25/08/2017

The weekend starts here…25/08/2017

This week’s blog – Can’t buy me love….  [1-2 min read]

Based on a report by PwC, this infographic on the economic impact of AI is an interesting read [3 min read]

You are what you read.  I read ‘The Shallows’ this week (more on that in August’s book review), and this article struck a chord. [3 min read]

I liked this analogy explaining diversification via the best TV show ever made (IMHO), The Wire [2 min read]

I’ve included this one just as an interesting insight into our industry [3 min read]

If you’ve watched ‘Narcos’ on Netflix (and if you haven’t I’d thoroughly recommend it), then you might be interested in why there are 40 hippos living wild in Columbia [3.40 video]

Are we finally starting to see a change in investor behaviour? It would be good to think so.  [3 min read]

And finally.  Hats off to the International Space Station which pulled off the photobomb of a lifetime during Monday’s solar eclipse [Photos]

Whatever you’re up to this bank holiday weekend, I hope it’s a good one.

Warm regards