The weekend starts here - interesting snippets from around the web

The weekend starts here - interesting snippets from around the web

Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of ‘Black Monday’, the stock market crash of 1987.  To mark the occasion, I’ve selected a couple of articles commemorating the event.

This one looks at the numbers behind the crash, and how swift the recovery was.  [3 min read]; this one shows the front pages of some of the major newspapers the following day [1 min read]; this one is CNN coverage broadcast live on the day [4.11 min video]; and, finally, this one is an account of the day from legendary NYSE floor trader Art Cashin [4 min read].

Ok, on to my best read of the week.  At a time when we seem to be becoming increasingly divided (Brexit, Trump, fake news etc etc), it is so much easier to live in our own bubbles where everything we read confirms our biases than to really consider the point of view of those who don’t share our world view.  This piece by Bob Seawright blew me away.  Yes, it’s long.  It’s going to take you a good 20 minutes if you simply read the article, a lot longer if you follow some of the many links in the piece, but I think you will find it worth your while.  [minimum 20 min read]

This next one was almost as good.  A somewhat depressing, but thought-provoking look at what the future holds for us in a world where robots are taking more and more jobs.  [6 min read]

I’m an out and out country girl.  I’ve only lived in one city (Bristol).  It seems to me cities are great when you are young and have no kids.  Then when you do, there’s no better childhood than one spent growing up in the freedom of the countryside.  As you age, you probably need or want to move back into an urban environment because unless you retain your ability to drive, living in the countryside can be terribly difficult.  This next article looks at the history and benefits of city living, provided they are well planned.  Interesting stuff.  [4 min read]

This next one was sent to me by a client.  With the world getting ever smaller you’d expect major industries like banking to operate pretty much the same across the world.  As this blog points out, that’s not the case. Although my experiences in France are slightly different to his, I’d very much agree with his point.  I’ll share with you what personal banking in France is like at some point – I think you’ll be amazed at the differences.  [3 min read]

And finally.  With Halloween approaching, I’m finishing with ‘History’s Best Strategies for Avoiding Being Buried Alive’ Enjoy.  [5 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.

Warm regards