The weekend starts here - interesting snippets from around the web

The weekend starts here - interesting snippets from around the web

There seems to have been a preponderance of articles doing the rounds this week on the ‘topic du jour’ – crypto-currencies.  The future of commerce, or another example of ‘tulip mania’?  The jury appears to still be out.  I must confess to not having given the topic a huge amount of thought up until now, and decided it was time I did.  I’m still on the fence, but found three items I thought worthy of sharing with you:

First up, the case for crypto-currencies (in this case Bitcoin) – I found this article by renowned venture capitalist Marc Andreessen to be very illuminating, and it got me thinking about the subject in ways I hadn’t previously. It’s quite long, but well worth it [10 min read]

Next up, not exactly the case against, but a reminder that this is an extremely volatile asset.  Anything that increases by more than 5,000,000% in just over 7 years is not your average asset [5 min read]

Lastly, crypto-currencies 101 [infographic]

Moving on.

This week saw the launch of the new iPhone(s), and its 10th anniversary.  It’s not been totally a force for good [1:50 video]

Apparently, although we say we’re happy (generally), it seems we think everyone around us is miserable [4 min read]

Why blue is the world’s favourite colour [3 min read]

As we all know, there really isn’t any such thing as a work life balance, but I thought this article offered some useful suggestions to avoid pleasing none of the people, none of the time [3 min read]

And finally.  What happened when the first steam-powered buses arrived on the streets of London [4 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.


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