The Weekend Starts Here - interesting snippets from around the web

The Weekend Starts Here - interesting snippets from around the web

“I have an evidence-based strategy, but I am perpetually open to amending those views as our ever-evolving world adapts, and I know I’ll occasionally be wrong even when I technically should have been right”.  Another great piece from Morgan Housel   [4 min read]

This next piece is the shocking, yet fascinating story of perhaps the most unsuccessful mutual fund in history  [7 min read]

The University of Chicago’s professors have won a total of 90 Nobel prizes, 29 of which have been won by its Economics department.  This year’s winner, Richard Thaler follows hot on the heels of Eugene Fama who won four years ago, and this blog post compares and contrasts their work. [4 min read, but also includes a couple of videos]

To whom do we reveal our deepest, darkest secrets?  Apparently, it’s Google.  This fascinating talk looks at how Google can inform those dealing with big data with a degree of accuracy which eclipses other methods of research [27.43 video]

“Overconfidence is the most dangerous investment bias out there because it is so prevalent and hard to recognize in your own behaviour.”  If we’re honest, we’ve all been there.  A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing [6 min read]

And finally.  5 Optical Illusions and Why Your Brain Falls for Them  (Number 5 is just plain weird)  [4 min read plus a couple of videos]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.

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