The weekend starts here...interesting snippets from around the web

The weekend starts here...interesting snippets from around the web

Where is most of the world’s economic growth coming from?  China and the US are the obvious candidates, but there are some surprises in this chart as to the other countries contributing to global growth. [2 min read]

There are definites and maybes.  Our ongoing challenge is learning to live with the maybes.  [4 min read]

“If Warren Buffett has periods of underperformance, why would you expect anything differently for your personal portfolio?”  Even when we know we are behaving optimally, we may not always get the best results.  [5 min read]

 “These guys are really smart, they know what they’re talking about.” Trust The Reformed Broker to tell it like it really is.  [3 min read]

I am sure I drive our team mad at times when I pick them up on things which might seem very minor to them in the grand scheme of things.  Well, like the author of this post, I can never walk by a mistake, and he explains perfectly why that is.  [5 min read]

When does a bubble become a bubble? Answers on a postcard please.  [5 min read]

Ever heard of a company called Nvidia?  Me neither.  But, if Prof Scott Galloway is right, they may be one of the big winners of the future.  [2.55 min video]

And finally.  Only one person has ever been buried on the Moon.  Eugene Shoemaker  [3 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.


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