Warren Buffett’s personal fortune stands at around $81 billion.  That, is amazing enough, but what is truly remarkable is that $80.7 billion of that value accrued after his 50th birthday, and $78 billion of it came after he reached normal retirement date in his mid-60s.  As Einstein is reputed to have said, compounding really is the eighth wonder of the world [4 min read]

Total global government debt amounts to a staggering $63 trillion.  This visual representation shows who owes what.  [3 min read]

What do ancient money stones on a tiny Pacific island and cryptocurrencies have in common?  This video explains all.  [10 min video]

As a self-confessed one myself, I can confirm that the modern workplace does not work for introverts. And that’s an expensive problem.  [3 min read]

“The adviser’s mission is to give clients the investing experience they deserve.  The greatest danger to future wealth is failing to stay the course and not remaining invested long enough to reap the rewards.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.  Modern Portfolio Theory & behavioural finance are not mutually exclusive.  [4 min read]

Amongst all the doom and gloom we read every day, here’s a good news story.  An electric car which can sell power back to the grid. [2 min read]

And finally.  We’re all becoming increasingly used to things being available ‘on demand’.  Whilst that has many advantages, sometimes instant gratification can be bad for us [2 min read].

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.

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