What we do: Elegant simplicity – making the complex simple

What we do: Elegant simplicity – making the complex simple

“Everything is both simpler than we can imagine, and more complicated that we can conceive.”

– Goethe

Life is complicated enough

Our clients lead busy lives. The last thing they need is more complexity. They often come to us precisely because they need to reduce that complexity. By removing the worry about their finances from their day to day lives, we add value.

Clear your mind

Getting things done is a great book. Whilst it was written primarily to help people work more effectively, for me its overriding message can be applied to many areas of life: Get it out of your head, because then you can stop worrying about it.

In the same way that having a ‘To do’ list frees up room in your brain as you no longer have to remember the things you need to do, so a financial plan removes all those ‘what if’ conversations you have with yourself about what your future looks like – say for example when it’s 7.30 on a Friday evening and you’re still at the office, and wondering whether you can afford to quit work NOW.

The financial plan acts as your lifelong roadmap

Your plan is going to give you the best shot at getting to where you want to go. With a structured plan to provide the necessary framework, everything else falls neatly into place, including understanding how and why you need to invest your surplus cash.

Elegant simplicity is not the same as simplistic

As Carl Richards, who created the above sketch, explains, “Investing is an amazing mix of spreadsheets and calculators and emotions, fears and worries.” But life’s not about spreadsheets is it? “There are spreadsheet answers and there are human answers.”

Here at Bloomsbury we turn the spreadsheet answers into human answers. We see our mission as helping our clients to simplify their financial lives, using solutions to complex problems which are elegantly simple, and being there to help them every step of the way on their path to true wealth.  

“Out of complexity, find simplicity.” – Albert Einstein

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