Work with us

At Bloomsbury Wealth we believe that true wealth is about more than money.


We work with a select group of individuals and families, helping them to discover true wealth by focusing on solutions to the issues that matter to them.  Financial independence, tax planning, pension issues, wealth preservation, estate planning… we unravel the complexity and develop a plan for you that will deliver achievable outcomes to meet your individual needs.


We are big on relationships.  If you are confident that you are being well looked after, you will have the time and mind space to concentrate on all the other important aspects of your life: your family, your work, your hobbies and interests. The relationship that we create with you is unique. Experience with our existing clients tells us that the longer we work together and the deeper the relationship becomes, the more that inspires trust, confidence and the emotional freedom that brings; because let’s face it: money is an emotive issue.


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