The Weekend Starts Here....

The Weekend Starts Here....

Photo credit: Koshyk on VisualHunt / CC BY

This first piece was something that I wasn’t aware of until a couple of weeks ago.  We calculated that the period of lockdown amounts to £90 per employee.  If it’s affordable for the business (which it certainly is for ours), it seems like a nice gesture. [Martin Lewis 3 min read]

A phrase I find myself using on a regular basis is “It is what it is”.  It’s a reminder to myself to focus on the things I can control and to not waste my energy on things I can’t.  It Costs What It Costs [Ryan Holiday 2 min read]

From scurvy to pensions  How To Get People to Save More Money [Ben Carlson 3 min read]

“As a thought exercise, what if Berkshire Hathaway began to seriously flex its financial muscles throughout Silicon Valley and start getting more heavily involved in large secular trends like data, AI, machine learning, cloud computing, data centres, e-commerce, logistics and fulfilment?” Warren and Charlie aren’t getting any younger. And it seems that the younger cohort brought into Berkshire Hathaway in recent years might be having an impact on the firm’s future investment strategy.  [Josh Brown 3 min read]

Before you trust your assets to an investment adviser, make sure you ask them the right questions [Robin Powell / Larry Swedroe 5 min read]

What Happens If Interest Rates Rise?  [Michael Batnick 2 min read]

A lesson from the schools’ exam fiasco this summer Don’t rely on algorithms to make life-changing decisions [Tim Harford 3 min read]

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody ever observes.” Obvious Things That Are Easy to Ignore [Morgan Housel 4 min read]

“One of the reasons why active management is so difficult is that the correct investment choice may not be the easy choice.”  How Courageous Is Your Fund Manager? [Robin Powell / Craig Lazzara 4 min read]

The 3rd October marks the 30th anniversary of the reunification of Germany.  Thirty years on, major differences between the two still remain [The Guardian 4 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.