The weekend starts here...

The weekend starts here...

A review of the Chancellor’s Spring Statement is on the website

The fascinating story of a couple in the US who hacked the lottery [5 min read]

“If you’re just trying to get better, you never have to ask “what’s next?”, because when you’re just trying to get better, next is always now.” Growth without goals [3 min read]

The CEO of an active fund management group thinks passive investors shouldn’t have the right to exercise their shareholder votes. Diversionary tactics?  [4 min read]

Making it look easy requires plenty of hard work.  [3 min read]

Elon Musk thinks we need to colonise Mars  [2 min read]

“The difference between, “I expect one or two recessions per decade,” and “I expect a recession in the second half of 2018” is ten miles wide.” The difference between expectations and forecasts [2 min read]

Sensible investing in a nutshell [5:53 video]

I read this story this week, and it has haunted me ever since [6 min read]

And finally. We lost two ‘greats’ this week.

When Stephen Hawking threw a cocktail party for Time Travellers [1.33 video]

Comedy legend Ken Dodd  [7:52 video]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.

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