The Weekend Starts Here....

The Weekend Starts Here....

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When I woke up last Friday morning to the news that President Trump had Coronavirus, my first thought was that it wasn’t true, just a stunt.  But how it played out over the following days was more bizarre than I could have imagined.  On the bright side, he’s refused to take part in another debate with Joe Biden, so there’s that 😉

I knew only one of these 7 Historical Facts That Are Too Weird and Crazy to Believe  [Hossein Raspberry 3 min read]

“As soon as all involved in the chain have defaulted to a short-term view the investment outcomes become captured by randomness. Success or failure is no longer about the validity of an investment approach, it is about the toss of a coin.”  A Fund Manager’s Time Horizon is the Shortest Common Denominator  [Joe Wiggins 3 min read]

The so-called FAANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix & Google) have continued to provide exceptional returns to investors.  Eugene Fama’s colleague Ken French has written about them recently [Ken French 2 min read]

Whilst I think we all hope a vaccine for coronavirus will be found sooner rather than later, this next piece was a difficult read [3 min read]

“Darwin is in control most of the time”. [Morgan Housel 4 min read]

“The “optimal utility of money,” as he calls it, is using money to have the maximum greatest experiences you can in your living years.  It’s important because experiences are what actually drive fulfilment and happiness.” Why (and How) I Plan to Die With an Empty Bank Account  [3 min read]

Get ready. The Election will be here before you know it.  [Tony Isola 3 min read]

It looks as though a second lockdown may yet happen.  If the thought of winter in lockdown fills you with dread you might want to try thinking like a Norwegian  [7 min read]

How Comfortable Are You Holding Stocks For 30 Years? [Ben Carlson 3 min read]

And finally.  33 Stunning Photos That Show the Delicate Beauty of Birds  [Photos] Enjoy 😊

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.