The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

Once again, it’s been quite the week, hasn’t it?  The UK joining us in lockdown, the US Presidential election (and at the time of writing it’s still not clear who the winner will be), and the sad death of Sir Sean Connery, my first real crush and the best James Bond (by a country mile IMHO 😉).

Let’s kick-off (literally) this week sparing a thought for the poor supporters of second-tier Scottish clubs Inverness and Ayr United.  Their recent game at Inverness was filmed using an AI-controlled camera which is programmed to follow the ball.  Unfortunately, thanks to the linesman, things didn’t go exactly according to plan… [Kottke 2:58 video]

Fun for all the family with this next one.  When was a word first used in print?  You may be surprised!  Enter your year of birth to see the words first recorded in that year.

With so many of us now working from home, this next piece made me feel we’ve come full circle.  How the needs of monks and empire builders helped mould the modern-day office  [4 min read]

Research seems to indicate that ‘mid-life misery’ is a thing – About to turn 47.2? Peak misery awaits  [Tim Harford 3 min read]

“While days flutter by, memorable moments and events remain top of mind.”  Time is ticking: here’s how to make the most of today without sacrificing tomorrow  [Sam Instone 3 min read]

A fascinating video showing what various foreign correspondents think of the US [Kottke 13:18 video]

Following this week’s Presidential election, 1 in 3 Americans now lives in a state where recreational marijuana is legal  [Politico 3 minute read]

If you’re a successful hedge fund manager, people are going to listen to your views about the stock market or individual stocks.  But just because they’ve been right in the past…  [Ben Carlson 3 min read]

“Knowing an outcome prior to the fact is impossible.  Nine-year-olds understand this.”  Even if We Knew  [Michael Batnick 1 min read]

Using a Moleskine notebook, Jo Brown sketches plants and wildlife near her home in Devon.  They have now been published in a book ‘Secrets of a Devon Wood’.  You can see some of these beautiful illustrations here

Dutch subway train saved by giant whale sculpture  What are the chances? 

And finally.  The winners of the 2020 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest 

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.