The Weekend Starts Here....

The Weekend Starts Here....

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks – most of it good news (IMHO), for a change 😉

I learned a new word this week: ‘Acedia’ – the medieval term for the vice of listlessness, apathy, and a general incapacity to do what one ought to do.  I tend to find I start to suffer from this whenever I read anything about Trump, Brexit, or Dominic Cummings.  It is, of course, self-inflicted although being 100% aware of that fact hasn’t stopped me yet.  Things did sink to a new low this week though, on reading that Kent may soon become ‘the toilet of England’  [The Guardian 3 min read]

After what happened in 2016, it seemed impossible that the polls would be just as wrong in 2020, and yet… I had thought that this was in large part down to people simply not telling the truth in polls, but it turns out it’s not as simple that  [Tim Harford 3 min read]

Undoubtedly the best thing I read this week.  The Big Lessons From History   [Morgan Housel 10 min read]

The 50th Anniversary of the Iconic Exploding Whale.   You’re welcome 😊 [Kottke 3:25 video]

Some great advice in this next one. More  [Tim Mullooly 3 min read]

And a pony at your birthday party  [Seth Godin 0:30 read]

“Dear Valued Client…”  [Robin Powell 4 min read]

And finally.  I said we’d had a lot of good news recently   (100% staged exit, yes?) [0:25 video]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.