The weekend starts here

The weekend starts here


This cartoon made me smile.  How often have you come across someone just like this (and maybe been like this yourself ?)  [Cartoon]

“Life delivers an endless array of what-ifs, because we only experience one version of what could have been.  [3 min read]

Here’s an interesting list of things which are undoubtedly true (beware of gurus, “Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time and is susceptible to the same derailing faults as everyone else.”) [2 min read]

“The people you’re leading are not wooden blocks.”   [2 min read]

“The puzzle is why buyers and sellers alike think that the current price is wrong. What makes them believe they know more about what the price should be than the market does? ”  This is a great piece by Daniel Kahneman on the illusion of stock-picking skill  [4 min read]

“If you’re anxious that you won’t find a parking place, then literally your vision narrows.” Maybe the key to good luck is keeping an open mind  [3 min read]

Why are human beings so bad at noticing errors and misinformation?  Is this why ‘fake news’ is so effective?  [4 min read]

Jeff Bezos published his annual letter to shareholders this week.  It really is astounding what he has achieved with Amazon in a little over 20 years [6 min read]

And finally.  How to make good decisions – a quick ready reckoner [3 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.