The weekend starts here...

The weekend starts here...

Photo by John Canelis on Unsplash

Markets have been pretty volatile since the start of the year.  Here’s a reminder from Jim O’Shaughnessy that human nature never changes. [3 min read]

We are increasingly valuing time over money and experiences over possessions. [Infographic]

The difference the right financial adviser makes.  A new video from Dimensional Fund Advisors [2.23 min video]

Sell in May and go away?  Tom Mullooly explains how to separate signal from noise [3 min read]

“It is said we are the average of our five closest friends”.  Justin Castelli explains that this can be either a blessing or a curse [4 min read]

Financial Planning 101 – a simple and effective guide from Dan Sigal [3 min read]

Baby Boomers have, on the whole, not prepared well for their retirement.  The next generation needs to avoid making the same mistakes and they need to start NOW.  As Michael Batnick explains, a delay of just five years can be very expensive.  Start today – your future self will thank you for it. [4 min read]

And finally.  You are not a billionaire, so don’t invest like one.  Spot on Barry Ritholtz. [5 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.