The weekend starts here....

The weekend starts here....

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In the wake of Berkshire Hathaway’s AGM last weekend, CNBC have created a ‘Buffett Archive’. I could get lost for hours   [Links to dozens of articles]

“When people adopt a growth mindset, they tend to believe that even if they don’t know something, they can learn it and improve their intelligence. They believe they can get smarter, and being humble is one strategy for doing that.” Fascinating article on the link between humility and learning ability. [4 min read]

Morgan Housel reminds us to plan for the unexpected. “Risk does not like prophets. It’s not even fond of historians. You can plan for every risk except the things that are too crazy to cross your mind. And those crazy things do the most harm, because they happen more often than you think and you have no plan for how to deal with them.” Beware the hungry mice [4 min read]

Imagine if you could turn desert sand into arable farmland  Incredible [3 min read]

“Concentrating your assets can make you rich but diversifying your assets keeps you rich.” Ben Carlson explains just how expensive bad advice can be [3 min read]

Sometimes, as Brendan Mullooly rightly says, the best advice can be to do nothing [3 min read]

I loved this next piece from Phil Huber. Whether you are a client or an adviser, it’s ok to ‘sin a little’. [5 min read]

I seem to have been spending a lot of time in the last few weeks getting to grips with what Bloomsbury needs to do, in terms of our email marketing, in light of the changes coming from GDPR.  There’s a bit of hassle involved and some extra work I could do without TBH.  Then I read this piece by Seth Godin. Spot on, and just what I needed to read. [2 min read]

Humility.  Focussing on what you can control (costs) and understanding what you can’t (markets).  This guy has nailed it and future generations of students wil thank him for it. [4 min read]

Has star fund manager Neil Woodford lost his magic touch? [4 min read]

And finally.  Let’s leave the last words to the most successful living investor, courtesy of Robin Powell. Take it away Warren!  [4 min read]

There will be no TWSH next Friday as Eddie & I will be on a short break enjoying a huge amount of wine culture in Naples and Milan