The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

The centenary of the ending of WWI on Sunday prompted me to start relistening to Dan Carlin’s BRILLIANT series of podcasts (shows 8 – 13 Blueprint for Armageddon) covering this dreadful war.  I realise this is a big investment of time (six episodes, all between 3 and 4 hours long), but if you have an interest in history, I think you’ll find it worth it. If you have a long, boring commute the time will whizz by 😊 [Total listening time is about 23 hours – but don’t let that put you off!]

This next one made me realise how many things I have ‘taken as read’ when in fact they are utterly wrong. Common misconceptions  [Infographic]

This piece, frankly, scared me. “From the moment the [Uber] driver hit the gas pedal, everybody was on their phones. From the back, I watched my peers tap and text with ferocious intensity. As we sat in traffic and drove through Manhattan, one thing stuck out: the people in front of me only consumed content created within the last 24 hours. No exceptions.”  [4 min read] [David Perell]

A fascinating video showing the top 10 countries by GDP 1960 – 2017 [3:06 video]  H/T Ben Carlson

“I’ve heard leading investment houses say that “the factors that drive returns in public equity markets have little or no impact on private equity returns.” … I’m simply stating that I think this just ain’t so.” Private equity and the (perceived) persistency of performance [4 min read] [Preston McSwain]

“…there’s only so much you can take of someone saying it’s meaningless trivia that they live in a property that would today cost them roughly 20-times their income before you snap.”  House prices, mental accounting, and leaky buckets [4 min read] [Monevator ]

“A meaningful retirement doesn’t come easy.”  [4 min read] [Tony Isola]

And finally. “I don’t read the news I’m paying for every day. It’s likely that I read more than most people, but no one can read everything. That’s beside the point. The point is in contributing to our freedoms in a way that federal or state taxes simply don’t cover.” I couldn’t agree more (I have subscriptions to the FT and NYT). My Favourite Tax [4 min read] [Josh Brown]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s  good one.