The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

Photo from Pixabay

“If you invest in a hedge fund, look at what you could buy – for the fund manager”   [Adam Grossman Image]

How you know when someone really loves you. Gets you thinking. [03:46 Podcast]

“The fact is that what made you rich is not necessarily going to keep you from becoming poor.”  [Robert Lockie 4 min read]

If there’s a young adult in your life, forward this to them. They’ll thank you later.  [3 min read]

“Consider for a moment what the market would be like if all of the angst-inducing declines, daily noise and emotional turmoil did not occur.”  Market Volatility is a Feature not a Bug  [Barry Ritholtz 4 min read]

“Why are there no star fund managers under the age of 60?”  [Georgie Loxton 4 min read]

From short life rules to short money rules  [Morgan Housel 3 min read]

How to wreck a (public) pension fund in 3 easy steps  [Ben Carlson 4 min read]

“It seems to us that most funds’ fees are too high, most so-called investors’ time-horizons are too short, and most firms operate with their eyes focused inwardly on their own interests rather than outwardly on their clients’.” It’s not often that you read a piece by an active fund management house saying that active fund managers are charging too much (and that investors should predominantly use low cost index funds!). [Tom Coutts 5 min read]

“People come to us and tell us what they want (or what they think they want) and it’s our job to show them what they actually need instead.”  There’s a lot of discussion in the wealth management space about how we should be paid. I thought this piece was an interesting take on the subject  [Josh Brown 5 min read]

“If rock groups are businesses, businesses are getting more like rock bands.”  An interesting look at how rock bands mirror business strategies (or vice versa) [5 min read]

And finally.  I hope your Valentine’s Day wasn’t marred by one of these  [4 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.