The Weekend Starts Here....

The Weekend Starts Here....

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

I’ve listened to a couple of great podcasts during the last week:

Daniel Crosby spoke to Bob Seawright about his views on overcoming behaviour biases  [53:00 mins]

This next one came out a couple of weeks ago. It’s a truly fascinating discussion between Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Jesse Livermore. I hope he comes back as a guest sometime, he was just such an interesting guy. Long, but worth every second of your time.  [1hr 37 mins]

The perceived wisdom in the past, in terms of your career, has been to become a specialist. I must admit it’s not something I’ve ever embraced – I feel the winding path I took to get me to where I am today has given me a wide range of experiences that help me do the job I now do. The benefits of being a ‘generalist’ are now starting to be talked about.  [5 min read]

If you’ve got a holiday planned, you might find some of these behavioural hacks useful [Barry Ritholtz 3 min read]

Creating something can be incredibly complex. On the other hand, breaking something can be incredibly simple. This next article made me think about the current situation with Neil Woodford. He spent 26 years building a great reputation, and it’s all been pretty much destroyed in a matter of days.  Stay humble. [Morgan Housel 4 min read]

We tilt our investment portfolios towards value and small cap stocks as the academic evidence shows that there is a return premium for holding them. However, factors can go through periods of underperformance -as has been the case with value stocks for the last 10 years. But as this next post points out, “certain aches and pains are part and parcel of owning a diversified portfolio”.  [Phil Huber 4 min read]

Everything is a compromise  [1 min read]

I enjoyed this discussion on efficient markets and much more with the guys at Ritholtz WM and Allison Schrager  [25:44 video]

An interesting piece on the FIRE movement [5 min read]

And finally. It’s amazing how our bodies work in such finely calibrated ways. Take a look at this  [1:27 video]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.

The Weekend Starts Here is now taking a short break. Back in a couple of weeks.