The weekend starts here...

The weekend starts here...

Photo by Andrew Spencer on Unsplash

We’d all like to be smarter – yes? This infographic from Visual Capitalist describes 12 ways to achieve this. It’s all about mental models [5 min read]

Markets will never be perfectly efficient – because there will always be some crazy people out there [3 min read]

There’s a reason why the ‘shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations’ model of passing on wealth persists.  The best way to lose $5 billion courtesy of the House of Vanderbilt [6 min read]

Rob and I were lucky enough to hear from new DFA Co-CEO, Gerard O’Reilly (yes, a good Irishman!) when we visited DFA in Austin last September. He was very impressive. Robin Powell interviewed him recently when he was visiting the UK. Here’s part 1 [4 min read]

I don’t think many of us are naturally good managers of people.  I also think what managers expect from their directs is changing. This post summed up for me everything we try to do in managing our team, and what we expect from them. We want people who can work on their own initiative, with light touch oversight to keep things on track. Hands off, eyes on. We expect the team to figure out the best way to get the work done because we don’t have the monopoly on being right.  [4 min read]

What does wealth mean to you? Hopefully, it’s about more than money.  [3 min read]

We know this. But it never hurts to be reminded.  What to do when your stocks are soaring [4 min read]

And finally. Who is the most powerful person in the world?  [3:05 video]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.

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