The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

Photo by Jonnelle Yankovich on Unsplash

I’m kicking off with a bit of an odd one this week. I started reading this story and very nearly gave up about halfway through. But this post had begun with a plea to read to the end, so I did. I’m so glad.  The Story of a Curious Phone Call [Tim Ferris 5 min read]

Uncomfortable as it may be, it’s good for us to feel like a noob  [2 min read]

Josh Brown sums up in just over two minutes the importance of building your investment portfolio using your financial goals as the foundation [Josh Brown 2:22 video]

“There are a lot of questions one would like to know the answer to, but you just can’t tell,” he said. “If I get to ask God a question, I’m probably not going to ask this one.” The men behind the team managing our clients’ money – Eugene Fama’s long time research partner Ken French recently gave an interview on whether the value premium has disappeared for good. [2 min read]

“A recent Verge article looked at some of the unsavoury aspects of working as Facebook content moderators—the people who spend their days cleaning up the social network’s most toxic content. One strange detail stands out. The moderators the Verge spoke to reported that they and their co-workers often found themselves believing fringe, often hatemongering conspiracy theories they would have dismissed under normal circumstances.”  A good hard look at fake news, conspiracy theories and propaganda and how to avoid being bamboozled. [Shane Parrish 12 min read]

“There will always be noise interfering with your vision of your goal.”  [Brendan Mullooly 3 min read]

Will Retiring Baby Boomers Crash the Stock Market?  [Ben Carlson 4 min read]

“No financial plan can withstand selling stocks to every real or imagined global threat.” [Tony Isola 4 min read]

This continues to astound me: “The U.S. remains the only advanced economy that does not guarantee paid vacation while a statutory minimum is very much the norm everywhere else.”  The Infuriating Truths behind France’s “Work to Live” Mentality  [6 min read]

And finally. This one put a smile on my face. I hope it brightens up your day as much as it did mine. One Man Gets Entire Park to Sing Bon Jovi [0.46 video]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.