The Weekend Starts Here....

The Weekend Starts Here....

Photo by me

One of the joys in putting this post together each week is that I read A LOT, and so much of it inspires, educates or astounds me. But lately, I’ve found there has been a lot less of what I’m reading that brings me joy.

To be honest, a lot of what I’ve read in the past couple of weeks has been predominantly negative (and hugely repetitive – everyone writing the same thing about the same things). I get it, of course I do. What the world is going through is uniquely awful and tough times lay ahead, but I refuse to believe that means I have to wallow in negativity.

So, this week’s post is going to be shorter on links than usual, but positively upbeat.

With spring in full swing, and many of us having more time this year to appreciate it, it’s reassuring to witness that The Pandemic Can’t Lockdown Nature  [2 min read]

“I don’t mind. My mind is free. I can be anywhere”. The powerful combination of beautiful words and a beautiful voice. Don’t quit [1:29 video]

In this new age of working via Zoom, apparently we’re all adopting Donald Duck’s dress style  [Tweet]

“We must never underestimate our abilities to cope and adjust throughout the worst of times. It wouldn’t be surprising if many people when asked in the future, find more positive than negative experiences.”  Happiness Is Only A Vacation Destination [3 min read]

One of the things I’ve been worrying about is the fact that I’m not worrying enough about being in lockdown. Honestly, lockdown represents about 95% of my ‘normal life’. I’ve found it hard to identify (or empathise) with the outpouring of whining and whinging I’ve seen on social media from people who really have nothing to be whining about (funny isn’t it how those who really DO have something to whine about like our frontline workers or those who have lost loved ones, simply don’t?). Then I read this next piece and it all made sense. I’ve been training for this my entire life 😉.  It Took a Global Pandemic, But Generation X is Finally Getting Love [3 min read]

And finally. This has to be the best homemade PPE EVER.   😂 [Photo]

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Stay safe and keep smiling!