The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

Photo credit: Australian War Memorial collection on 

And starts early this week with the VE Day/ May bank holiday tomorrow 

In early April I recorded a vlog for The Financial Bodyguard YouTube channel. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like where I live, come and have look and meet some of the menagerie [21:58 video]

I find myself worrying about what happens next, as we come out of lockdown, so much more than I ever worried about being in lockdown. It’s hugely complicated. How to stop our economies from falling like Humpty Dumpty [4 min read]

Face masks are becoming a canvas for creativity [Images]

“The biggest stocks have been getting bigger for the last decade, and the COVID-19 induced recession is widening that gap further still. “ [ Michael Batnick 3 min read]

A wonderful story, about a baker and a moat [4 min read]

At Tokyo’s Sumida Aquarium, the garden eels are forgetting about humans, which makes it hard for their keepers to check they are healthy. The solution? Facetime [0:29 video]

Four investment lessons from the COVID crisis [ Robin Powell 4 min read]

“There are always going to be people out there who earn more money than you.  That doesn’t always mean they’re going to be in a better position financially.”  [Tim Mullooly 3 min read]

There are some absolute gems in this next piece.  Possibly my favourite is the one which anyone in the early stages of their career should take to heart (although really, it applies to all of us): “You are what you do. Not what you say, not what you believe, not how you vote, but what you spend your time on.” Part of my role is now involved in bringing on the next generation of financial planners. I judge them not by how much they tell me they want to be a planner, but by how committed they are to do the (very hard) work necessary to get there. 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice [4 min read]

One of the reasons I pay to read Ben Hunt & Rusty Guinn’s writing is because it makes me uncomfortable. I think that’s a good thing. This profile of Ben Hunt gets to the heart of what he’s trying to do. [Institutional Investor 5 min read]

I rest my case [Ben Hunt 5 min read]

This was one of the biggest ‘punch in the stomach’ posts I read this week. Powerful stuff. [Josh Brown 5 min read]

This is a great initiative [Tony & Dina Isola]

NASA has taken thousands of photos and created a short animation depicting a flight to the Moon [7:21 video]

The winners & losers in this crisis [Ben Carlson 3 min read]

And finally. I wonder how many work-related Zoom meetings have been interrupted since lockdown by various family members gate crashing them. This weather forecaster had Brody to deal with [1:30 video]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.