The Weekend Starts Here...

The Weekend Starts Here...

Photo by Lana Abie on Unsplash

I’ve had a few days off this week, so managed to catch up on my podcast listening.  A few worth mentioning here:

Jim O’Shaugnessy and Jamie Catherwood chatted to Morgan Housel [47 mins]

My good friend Mark Horstman (whose own podcast is the top Business podcast on iTunes) was a guest on the Friends on Fire podcast. What was most interesting about this one is that Mark is not in the finance industry, which made for a great discussion not just on money, but on so, so much more [65 mins]

The Big Steal, presented by the BBC’s Gavin Esler, looks at “The story of the biggest theft in history: the resources of the biggest country in the world, Russia, by its own government.”

This piece interested me because it considers a question that we must find the answer to before we can fully lift the lockdowns – just how deadly the virus really is.  When you consider the difference between a 1% infection mortality rate and a 0.1% infection mortality rate, you can see how vital it is that we know.  [Tim Harwood 3 min read]

I keep trying to imagine what London is going to look like by the time I feel it’s safe to get on a plane and find out.  I fear it will be very different.  I just can’t see how the thousands of pubs, bars and restaurants will be able to survive.  Working from home is bound to have a huge impact on many companies needs in terms of office space.  Perhaps cities will never be the same again.  I don’t believe in their death, as in this next piece, (US-centric, but I think much also applies to the UK) but I do think they’ve been seriously wounded [Ramp Capital 3 min read]

In terms of dealing with the pandemic, some countries have smashed it [3 min read]

Heavyweights Carlsberg and Coca Cola have backed “a pioneering project that hopes to make plastics from plant sugars rather than fossil fuels.”  [3 min read]

The things we do to reduce risk don’t always make us safer. [5 min read]

“There are thousands of things that can kill us,” writes Bryson, “and we escape every one of them but one.”  [Robin Powell 2 min read]

This next piece speaks for itself [3 min read]

How Do You Value Stocks When Earnings Plummet to Zero? [Barry Ritholtz 3 min read]

And finally. Even when someone’s trying to take us for a bunch of fools, the British sense of humour is still alive and kicking.    [3 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.