The weekend starts here.....

The weekend starts here.....

Photo by Jessica Mulder on Unsplash

Well, it’s certainly been a turbulent week for world stockmarkets.   A quick reminder – this is what stockmarkets do. [2 min read]

Also, it’s not too late right now to get your portfolio in order [3 min read]

Peter Bernstein, widely regarded as one of the great financial historians, wrote an interesting piece about market corrections which is worth revisiting.   Investors look at the hole more often than they look at the doughnut [5 min read]

Nobody ever says at a funeral, “He was too generous, too kind, and much too loving.” [4 min read]

Patterns are useful, until they’re not.  (The opening line of this piece is pretty hard to top ) [6 min read]

“The best hedge there is? Not taking risks you don’t need to take.”  [3 min read]

Part 2 of Robin Powell’s interview with Gerard O’Reilly, DFA’s new co-CEO [5 min read]

And finally.   My husband thinks I spend far too much time on the internet – he’s probably right. “Social media has caused people to re-evaluate their homes and private lives through the lens of Instagram, where they never measure up.”  Perhaps we all need a digital detox from time to time. Food for thought  [3 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.

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