The Weekend Starts Here....

The Weekend Starts Here....

Firstly, huge apologies for the lack of TWSH emails over the past few weeks. A scheduled hospital stay turned out to be longer than anticipated and so I have been away from the office for longer than planned. Normal service will now be resumed 😊

A bumper crop of links for you this week, as a bit of a ‘catch up’.

ICYMI. My September book review is up on the blog [4 min read]

Last year, we were invited to join GAIA and accepted.  Our annual conference was held in Oxford last month. I was stuck in hospital, but Rob attended.  Robin Powell was also there to interview and film the members.  His interview explains a little more about why GAIA exists (and why we are so proud to be members) [5 min read]  [Robin Powell]

This next article sums up perfectly why we feel so strongly that dealing with the money is only a small part of what proper financial planning involves [3 min read]

It’s easy to forget that the Internet is still very young. This fascinating infographic shows how its use has gradually spread across the globe [Infographic]

“We must be able to hold multiple truths in our head at once.”  [4 min read]  [Rusty Guinn]

The ‘Common Knowledge Game’ and why it’s so important to consume everything with a critical eye [4 min read]  [Ben Hunt]

“Markets usually climb up the staircase, but take the elevator down.”  A timely reminder to Keep Calm & Carry On     [3 min read] [Thomas Mullooly]

Knowing that a particular investment strategy has a good chance of working won’t neccessarily help you.  [4 min read]  [Nick Maggiulli]

This little blog was recently included in a list of the Top 60 UK Investment Blogs.  I’m in some good company.

And finally. Not that Rick Stein but definitely one of the best and most entertaining obituaries I have ever read [4 min read]

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.